These propaganda posters from a Bowser-controlled Mushroom Kingdom are awesome

Rainn Wilson's resemblance to Isaac Asimov in this video is uncanny

Poll: An abundance of Doctors

My judgement on Terra Nova: Worth watching

There's a separate group of colonists called Sixers

And mysterious equations and formulae etched into rocks near a hidden pool

Terra Nova: What I've learned so far

Action Comics #1

Sorry, How I Met Your Mother, but I'm watching Terra Nova tonight

Life Magazine, America's Couple: Reed and Sue Richards

Let's see Christian Bale and Jack Nicholson hang ten

MacGyver escaping East Germany on a jet-ski made out of a coffin

This is an Matt Smith's awesome hair post 2011

Vintage ad for fallout shelter supplies

Star Wars #1

How about a bit of retro game music? Legend of Zelda's Overworld theme

Facepalming moments in nerd history: Tyroc


Disregard Minecraft, acquire Legos

The original peer-to-peer music sharing site

An abundance of X-Titles

Cobra troopers are dedicated to the cause 24/7

Forty-five years ago, a five year mission stretched into a legendary journey

I want this Bat Cape badly

Heroes in a half-shell, turtle power!

Damn, that's nerdy! Homemade PIP-Boy 3000

This women's lib thing is getting more serious than I thought!

Mein childhood! Darkwing Duck

Photo dump: Star Trek

Muppet Who and the ten nerdiest celeb comic writers

Snake Eyes, everyone's favorite G.I. Joe bad ass

Cutting edge computer technology, circa 1967

Nerd music: Weezer - In the Garage


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