Late night nerd music: Star Wars main theme

United Nations announces seven billionth person born

The Conqueror, or The Movie That Literally Killed People

Supertrain: Yeah, I'm not all that surprised it failed

Not surprisingly, lighting Juggernaut on fire is worse than ineffective

Comic Covers: Amazing Spider-Man #121 and 122

Interesting panel from Red Hood and the Outlaws #1

Cool nerd lamp is cool, but overpriced

See this list? Yeah, never do these

Croc Master

Epic Mass Effect fan art by Patryk Olejniczak

Goodbye, sweet Clown Prince: Mark Hamill says ado to the Joker

And on that day, arguments everywhere were forever rendered invalid: Harrison Ford playing a video game

Amazing faux-70s era Fantastic Four art is amazing

I just nerdgasmed hard at this Legion of Super-Heroes 12 pack

Batman and Space Ghost, like peanut butter and chocolate

Sorry, we're CLOSED

Luke Skywalker is the 99 percent

What every girl wants to hear, Allons-y!

Awesome X-Men artwork by Fabio Moon

Nerd Music - Faunts: M4 Part II (Mass Effect OST)

Quiz: Real 80s Show or not?

The Timber Wolf from BattleTech

Of Troopers and Vipers

Four reasons why the 90s almost killed comics

Want: Star Wars: Essential Guide to Warfare

Nerd Music: Chilling out with the Adam Warrock's Browncoats Mixtape

Battle Damage He-Man


Even Seth MacFarlane wants Family Guy to end

Poll results: Well, this was unexpected

Hikaru Sulu's sweet stache appreciation post 2011

I hate sports

The poster for Clint Eastwood's "J. Edgar" proves that fat Leonardo DiCaprio is still an attractive Leonardo DiCaprio

Barnes and Noble loses its shit, pulls DC's books off shelves

Doctor Who - Time Crash

Nerd Music: Danny Kaye and the Andrews Sisters - Civilization

Here's the crazy one, the rebel

Farewell, Steve Jobs

Poll: Your favorite Teen Wonder?

Poll results: Ten wins

I love this redesign of Cyborg and I am unashamed

DC Comics declares all previous Crisises null and avoid: Apparently this came as a shock

Newarama seriously needs to lay off the crack


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