If Wonder Woman was a Disney Princess, all the Princes would be out of a job

Things I need in my life: Star Trek Enterprise coffee table

Commodore VIC-20 Home Computers, just $59.97!

Falcon Girl is the best Tank Girl pastiche ever

Breaking news: People are morons. Film at 11.

Playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on a TI-84 calculator? Damn, that's nerdy!

For a loner, Batman sure has a lot of kids

Amy Pond delivers a special kiss-a-gram to Batwoman

Lazy Jedi is really lazy

Rejoice! For the mechanical webshooters are in Amazing Spider-Man!

DC Comics new logo just looks awful.

I'm starting to think that we shouldn't fear SOPA that much anymore

Holy.Mother.of.God.: 19 foot tall replica of the Apollo 11...made out of Legos!

For the Sith Ladies: Half naked Darth Vader

This Guns 'n' Roses Doctor Who shirt is the best thing ever today

This Fiona the Human plush is algebraic

These pictures show that droids have feelings too

Trust this Rage Comic and avoid the Brian Herbert/Kevin J. Anderson Dune novels

The He-Man and the Masters of the Universe version of the Ghost Rider 2 trailer

Ukulele cover of First Aid Kit's "Our Own Pretty Ways" by Shayna Gibson and Olivia Hogan

We're being attacked by the Negaverse!

The Akira movie just won't die!

Femme Shephard from Mass Effect, Alphonse Mucha art nouveau style

Yet more Lego win! Hyperion Battlecruiser from Starcraft 2

Awesome graphic of Link's shields from the various Legend of Zelda games

Anyone got a spare 4 grand so I can buy this Eleventh Doctor sonic screwdriver?

Holy frak! Benedict Cumberbatch cast as the villain for Star Trek 2!

Praise the Lord, the live-action Akira movie is shitcanned

Robin plays Dungeons & Dragons, consider your argument invalid

Steven Tyler, Weird Al Yankovic and Alice Cooper cover The Beatles' "Come Together"

This poster proves that Community's Inspector Spacetime is something that needs to exist

Bob Anderson, the fightin' Darth Vader, dead at 89

I love nerds: hackers want to launch their own satellites

+1 to Nerdery: the Super Mario Bros SUV

I agree with Wil Wheaton on this


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