I believe in the Law of Weird Alvolution

An "alternate" ending to the Vegeta Saga

Some nerdy musical delight: MC Frontalot - Critical Hit

Death Star cake: A weapon of ultimate deliciousness

Why you should never threaten Malcolm Reynolds

Bleach cosplay babe is a babe, but also NSFW

Man, I need to start reading Uncanny X-Force

Let the white washing begin: Warner Bros. wants to do a Bleach movie

Here, have a Doctor Who picture

You're supposed to read books? Preposterous!

Toonami's intro for Ronin Warriors

Amazing artwork of The Avengers' Wasp by jaytablante

Talk about a bargain: You can build your very own Death Star for the low, low price of 85 quadrillion dollars

Frank Quitely needs to draw all the Star Wars comics

Recursion in motion, LEGO releasing a Minecraft set

Soundwave by xanderthurteen

I want those Doctor Who figures and that TARDIS shelf

Well, that was quick: Cover for the first issue of the Doctor Who/TNG crossover revealed

A Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover? YES PLEASE.

Epic Spock and Mirrorverse Spock chest tattoos are both epic and nerdy as all hell

Welp, so much for Terra Nova.

Lightsabers, lightsabers EVERYWHERE!

A Lego sorting machine, itself made out of Legos, is pure insanity

Newest trailer for The Avengers movie


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