Coming soon, the next big Marvel hit: The Human Fly! Wait, what?

This was funnier than it should have been

Kick out the blogrolls, motherf*cker!

Here we are, born to be kings, princes of the universe!

Zod, I love Blizzard

John Green appreciation post 2012

Meanwhile in Tokyo...

The good and the bad news about this new Twilight trailer

Guillem March actually isn't that bad of an artist

I'm pretty sure this would count as Heaven on Earth

How did I not know about this?

Fact: Most male comic book artists have not one clue about female anatomy, other than boobs and butts

Ah, gotta love She-Hulk

Zac Gorman does it again

She-Hulk movie? She-Hulk movie

Welp, time to see what this Sherlock thing is all about

Much like winter, judgement is coming

Also, whoever keeps googling for Zelda porn and somehow ending up here, you are barking up the wrong tree, broheims

Now here's an oddity of blogging

Walden Two: Electric Boogaloo

For the Steve Jackson fans

In which Spider-Man is the worst boyfriend ever

Faux poster for Ready Player One

When a vlog comes around, you must link it


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