Look, sir, a header!

The Black Knight Rises is an Oscar contender for sure

Oh my god, people are frelling morons

Sassy Alfred is the sassiest butler to ever butler

Happy Gary Gygax Day!

The New Watercooler

The Hobbit duology might become a trilogy

I'm still 'meh' about Man of Steel, but here's the trailer anyways

Meanwhile, in an alternate Bat Universe...

The tragedy in Colorado and the blame game

You are likely to be eaten by a Grue

New armor for Iron Man 3 unveiled at Comic-Con

Evolution of Batman

Of Assassins, their Creeds, and white dudes

Fighting evil by moonlight again next summer: New Sailor Moon series announced

Never stop being weird, Japan. Never stop.

Things that exist: an Avengers porn parody

Location of Spider-Man's secret hideout revealed!

These are the search keywords for this blog right now

Zod bless Felicia Day's legs--er, I mean America.

Check out these straight up honest game reviews


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