The problem with having a mute ninja as a member of G.I. Joe

Batman has 99 problems, but being in the upper 1% tax bracket isn't one of them

No, kids, this isn't dubstep, it's the sound of a dial-up modem connecting to the internet.

This VG Cats strip is my favorite comic this week (so far)

Check out this awesome rendition of the 90s X-Men cartoon's intro done in stop motion.

Batman and Superman have a bad romance

Tony looks worse for wear in this Iron Man 3 picture

The hell is up with The Rock's legs?

NASA Johnson Style is the geekier Gangnam

The new TARDIS interior looks sweet

Check out this new Star Trek Into Darkness trailer

I'm a few years late and a couple dollars short, but here's two He-Man music videos

Trek news: the identities of Alice Eve and Benedict Cumberbatch's characters supposedly revealed

Apparently NetZero is still a thing that exists

Everybody in Eternia must have been nearsighted

The best and worst G.I. Joe vehicles.


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