Tuesday, April 2, 2013

She-Hulk in a French maid outfit invalidates all of the arguments

The above is - according to a reverse image on Google - is from Spider-Man/Human Torch #4, first published way back in 2005. That's old Flame Head himself dressed as Spidey. The only critique I have is the way She-Hulk is drawn. Jen Walters just looks too small and thin, especially compared to how she's normally drawn nowadays.

Oh, and I came across this because while checking search keywords on Bloggers stats page, I noticed one of the results this week was "she hulk spiderman" and got curious. I was expecting Rule 34 porn or something. There wasn't any, but I did discover that Spider-Man and She-Hulk did team-up in an issue of the new Avenging Spider-Man title.

Of course, now I'll probably be getting nailed with people googling for She-Hulk related porn. Or just porn, since I keep using that word. OPPS.

Picture via dazzledfirestar.

1 comment:

  1. Where's the She-Hulk porn? Damn, another dead end. ;)


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