Iron Monday tomorrow

Library checkouts 2/27/16

Book Nerd Problems: When your book buying options are limited

Review: Knots and Crosses by Ian Rankin (Inspector Rebus series, book 1) (SPOILERS)

Programming notes

Well that was a bit anticlimatic (Flash spoilers)

Who is Zoom 2: Electric Boogaloo (SPOILERS)

Zoom may be a murderous supervillain, but even he understands the importance of hydration

Iron Monday #4: Goldmember isn't the only one who likes gold

Check out my sweet Spider-Man light thing

How about a behind-the-scenes picture of Flash and Supergirl?

Off Topic Tuesday #4: Blogger needs an overhaul

In an odd and unexpected move, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice will now be an ANIMATED movie

Who is Zoom? My five choices (SPOILERS)

You know you've made it as a sci-fi writer when you're a question on Jeopardy

"Pictures of Mulder and Scully as..." is probably one of the funniest things I've seen on Tumblr

Iron Monday #3: Tony's idea of telepresence differs wildly from Ciscos

Sauron from the X-Men has rather skewed life goals

She-Hulk Thursday #2: She's really playing hardball

B-b-b-book haul

What if Oliver isn't talking about Damian Darhk? (Arrow) (SPOILERS, maybe)

The Flash 2x13 "Welcome to Earth-2" (SPOILERS)

Wikipedia Wednesday #3: I'm on a boat!: The Bougainville-class aviso

Off Topic Tuesday #3: Ad blocking

I can't believe The Brady Bunch only ran for 5 seasons

I guess nobody's angel is a centerfold anymore: Playboy ditches nudity (sort of)


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