Friday, December 23, 2011

And I thought the Lego Star Destroyer was awesome

And it was, until I saw Sascha Mehlhase's replica of the Large Hadron Collider made out of Legos.

More pictures after the cut.
It took 9500 pieces and 33 hours to complete and that was just the build time. Mehlhase spent 48 hours before that on the 3D computer model. The project cost 2000 Euros, which is about 2609 American dollars. According to Mehlhase, the cost was paid for by the Niels Bohr Institute. You can see more pictures at his website. The obvious question of course is "can it find Higgs Boson?"
A close up. Nice details.
Let's hope nobody fires this up and leaves this guy with a blue glowing dong.
Legos! Legos everywhere!

(h/t Nerd Approved)

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