Thursday, May 31, 2018

Marvel has and will continue to rock us all

Tim Knight from HeroPress beat me to the punch on posting this tribute to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No surprise there, because Tim is more active than I can ever hope to be. :P

I saw the first video on Tumblr a couple of weeks ago, but being lazy and distracted by real world happenings, I never got around to post them until now. Enjoy!

Bonus: There's a volume two!

Ivan Burgueno certainly knows how to put together a kickass video.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Wow, so my Infinity War predictions actually panned out pretty well (spoilers)

Which is a shocker seeing as how some of them weren't serious. Let's run them down:

Some of the good guys die: Now, this was a safe guess because everybody was calling it. What nobody expected was just how many of them would die and who.

The Mad Titan Triumphant: Another safe bet owing to the very simple fact that Avengers 4 (which I erroneously thought was called Infinity War Part 2) is coming out next year and would be connected to the events of IW.

The movie will implode from the sheer number of Chrises: We fortunately avoided a Chris core breach! All of them were safely spaced out so that none of them were all in the same place at the same time. Dodged a bullet there, whew!

Then suddenly...Adam Warlock!: This was a disappointing letdown. We know he's in the MCU and I have to believe (and hope) that he'll be in Avengers 4 just owing to his comic book history with Thanos. IW was probably just too stacked for his debut.

Oh Captain, My Captain Marvel: I guess her logo in the the post-credit scene counts, right?

Tony will spend much of the movie trying to hire Shuri: Didn't happen and never thought it would. Still, it would have been hilarious.

Bucky Barnes' hair will look fabulous: This was the safest of my guesses because Sebastian Stan does not have a bad hair day.

So four out of seven predictions isn't bad at all.

Life Status Update #2

Hey-o, it's been a minute and a half since I last posted on here, hasn't it? Well, hopefully all that will change very soon as things in the real world start turning up Milhouse! So as you might know, my dad is currently battling cancer, and I have phenomenal news: he's almost beaten it. We learned on Monday that he only had ten more radiation treatments and two more chemos left before he's hopefully done. If after that tests show him as clear, all he'll have to do is take some drug once a month for the next twelve months and then he's done.

On the more hilarious side of things, I recently learned that I am ridiculously allergic to poison ivy. A relative of the old woman who used to live next door asked me to weed out a flower bed in the latter's backyard and did you know that touching the roots of a poison ivy plant is just as bad as touching the leaves? Because I sure as hell didn't. As a result, I broke out bad everywhere. It's finally going away and I'll honestly not be sad to see it go.

On a more hilarious and NSFW (not to mention not safe for humanity) note, I did end up having to visit the emergency room of the local hospital because of an unexpected complication from the ivy outbreak. You see, folks, I neglected to wash my hands before using the bathroom and the itch spread to a certain part of the male anatomy.

Pro-tip: Always wash your hands immediately after coming into contact with poison ivy and definitely do not use the bathroom first. Yikes.