Sunday, October 28, 2012

Building a full-size replica of the Millenium Falcon? Yeah, that's nerdy!


A chap named Chris Lee is doing just that too. His plan is to build an exact 1:1 scale replica that incorporates aspects of the Falcon from A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back over a period of five to seven years. he has a team helping him with everything from upholstery to quad gun construction.

Holy fucking shit, that's mind-blowing in its nerdery. Check out Full Scale Millennium Falcon Project for pictures of his amazing progress.

h/t The Orange.

Friday, October 26, 2012

RIP G4's X-Play and Attack of the Show

Both shows are being cancelled by G4 as part of an effort to repackage the ailing network as more "guy-centric". In other words, more episodes of COPs, Ninja Warrior, and whatever other reality shows they can get on the cheap.

While I never watched either show a lot, X-Play was a pretty good show. Attack of the Show, though, not so much. It was good in the beginning, but degenerated into internet clips, commercials for electronics (phones, computers, tablets, etc.) disguised as reviews, and low-brow comedy. A poor successor for The Screen Savers, the show that it replaced.

Of course, G4 ended up in its current situation because of their over reliance on reality shows. They had a slew of good shows after they merged with TechTV, but their execs instead chose to cut almost all the meat from the bone and fired the majority of their on-air personalities and cancel all but two of their shows. Well, looks like their stupidity has finally bitten them in the ass and they're fated to be a Spike clone.

Can't say I'm heartbroken.

There's going to be a new Conan movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

I've already written up a post about it here, but this should sum up my feelings on the matter:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Making Batman a vampire is the definition of 'overkill'

Watch as he takes out the entire Justice League from The Brave and the Bold.

Nice appearance by The Demon/Jason Blood too.

Here it is, the Iron Man 3 trailer

Looks interesting, especially the bit with Tony apparently going under the knife to get the ARC reactor removed from his chest. That's makes a lot of sense, actually. In the comics, he only had the pacemaker until 1969, when he retrieves an artificial heart transplant in Iron Man #19 and no longer needs the pacemaker. Plus, Iron Man 3 is supposed to feature parts of the Warren Ellis's Extremis storyline, so if Tony injects himself with the Extremis Virus, he definitely won't be needing the reactor, at least not in his chest.

Iron Man also seems to be facing the consequences of having a publicly known identity, which illustrates the very reason why superheroes have secret identities: So supervillains don't send helicopter gunships to your house to try and blow you up.

One gripe, though:

Via Marvel's Tumblr.
Isn't Mandarin supposed to be Chinese? Don't get me wrong, it's great seeing Ben Kingsley star in something other than B-movies, but really? Mandarin? Personally, I would have gone with Ken Watanabe. Sure, he's not Chinese either, but at least he's Asian.

h/t HeroPress.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oh, by the way, check out my new wrestling blog - Flying Elbow Smash!

Yeah, I decided to create one because I had quite a few ideas for wrestling-related posts and didn't want to flood GSNT with them. That's how Swords, Dragons, and Nerds was created and that seems to have worked out well enough. Check it out and read the two posts I've written so far. It's not much, but FES isn't meant to be a frequently updated thing. I never thought I'd enjoy writing about wrestling as much as I have, but it's actually quite fun!

Marvel releases teaser for Iron Man 3 trailer

A teaser for a trailer for a movie, what marketing "genius" thought that one up?

So we see the new fugly Iron Man armor (god, I hope that thing isn't the main one), and Pepper Potts in dire need of some thrilling heroics.

h/t Nerdvana.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why I think CM Punk's match at Hell in a Cell will be a triple threat and why Punk will win

First, a brief recap on the circumstances from last Monday's episode of Raw leading to the triple threat.

So Vinnie Mac gives CM Punk an ultimatium: he has until Monday to choose which opponent he'll face at Hell in a Cell - John Cena or Ryback - or McMahon will choose for him and that right there is why I think it'll be a triple threat between the two men. The encounters between Punk and Ryback were big clues as well, but I don't think it'll be a one on one between those two men for two reasons:
  1. I think the WWE intends for Punk to hold the title until at least Survivor Series. I think they not only like the idea of a year long title reign, they also don't really have anyone else waiting in the wings to take the championship. I don't think the WWE Universe (I hate that name, by the way) would support another John Cena title run. Dude's already held it ten times, that's more than enough.
  2. I think Ryback's undefeated streak is going to continue for a while longer. He's still largely doing squash matches and hasn't really faced any substantial threat in his matches, though they're obviously beginning to bring him down from Wolverine levels of invulnerability. Plus, I just don't think he's ready for the belt. Give him the Intercontinental title for a few months, give him matches where he actually has to fight to win, with a few close squeakers mixed in to plant seeds of doubt in the Universe's minds about his ability to beat Punk before having him challenge for the belt. Just for the love of god, don't give him the U.S. title, because the crowds are already chanting "Goldberg" when Ryback wrestles, there's no need to reinforce it. 
So, for those reasons, I think Punk will retain the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell by pinning Cena. As a side note, I think the WWE should take Cena out of circulation for a while; maybe have him suffer an injury to his recently operated on elbow that forces him to take time off and go through rehab. They should also start to think seriously about moving Cena out of the main event picture and into the upper mid-card. Cena's time has passed and it's time for the next generation to shine.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The new RoboCop costume for the reboot looks balls awful

I think Our Valued Customers summed it up best with Monday's comic. I think I might have a gif sums up my opinion of it:

What exactly was wrong with the original? It was easily recognizable and didn't look like a cast off from Tron 2. Then again, movie studios would fuck up a wet dream, so we can't really be all that surprised when they do something like this.

The inherent problem with being a companion of the Doctor

Credit: Hijinks Ensue by Joel Watson (click to embiggen).
Other results may include: Being abandoned on an alien world/different period of time, having your memories of the Doctor erased, realizing that you're a Dalek, becoming a fixed point in time and more. Basically, if you run into a guy who owns a blue police box from 1960s England and he offers to take you on adventures in time and space, just know what you're signing up for.

Also bring a pair of comfortable pair of running shoes, because you'll be doing plenty of running away from things. A crowbar or something that can open wooden objects (ex. doors) would be useful as well.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

First she sets fire to the rain, now Adele makes the Skyfall.

She is very destructive towards the atmosphere, isn't she?

h/t Geek Flag, because I'm far too lazy to keep up on movie related news.