Friday, June 28, 2013

Is Apple Campus 2: Electric Boogaloo really just a big stargate (an iGate, if you will)?

People seem to think that the futuristic headquarters of Apple's new campus looks like a space ship and I have to agree:

Credit: The Future Journalism Project.
But you know what? It looks a lot like something else from science fiction. It wasn't until I saw this post on The Future Journalism Project that it hit me like Mjolnir to the head: that thing looks like a frakking stargate! True, it doesn't look like the ones from Stargate: SG-1, but it does bear a resemblance to the ones seen in Stargate: Atlantis.

Via Stargate Wiki.
Mark my words, on the day they dedicate that thing, Apple will somehow stand it up and dial an address to another gate. The DHD is probably an iPhone app.

Can you tell that I miss the Stargate franchise? Because I do. I miss it like Browncoats miss new episodes of Firefly. But in all seriousness, would anybody be surprised if Apple or Google built a stargate? Of course not.

Check out the poster for the Stallone/Schwarzenegger action flick Escape Plan

The premise is that Sylvester Stallone plays a guy who designs escape-proof prisons and not surprising at all, ends up being imprisoned in one. Equally not surprising is that he teams up with Arnold Schwarzenegger's character to escape the inescapable prison. Of course, if they manage to escape, then it really wasn't escape-proof, was it? That will probably hurt future business. Wouldn't it also make him a target for anybody wanting to escape from one of the prisons he design or who wants to bust somebody out?

Oh and Jesus plays the evil prison warden. The movie comes out October 18th.

Yeah, this is probably why the Eleventh Doctor will regenerate

And none of us Whovians can say this would be a shocker.

It would either be bowties, fezzes, or fish fingers and custard. If Ten was the Oncoming Storm, Eleven is the kid who has to wear water wings to take a shower. The comic is from Paint Doktah Who. There are two panels that precede it, depicting Nine and Ten's regenerations, so head on over and check out the full comic.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hot diggity damn! Finally a reason to buy a Nintendo DS!

"I Don't Know" is a pretty accurate descriptor for this show.
Both pictures via ComicsAlliance. The title of this post is pretty hyperbolic, as there's a plethora games that have made me desire a DS. Mostly, Pokemon, Scribblenauts, and Professor Layton. These games do remind me that I need to watch Adventure Time and Regular Show more often. I have a bad tendency to forget to watch television, which is surprising, given the sheer amount that I used to watch.

The games will be out sometime this fall and will also be available for the current-gen consoles.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Peter Brady from The Brady Bunch probably works for the NSA now

Unfortunately, Peter was recently reassigned to review Google search results. The poor bastard.
Credit: Collider.
 There was an episode of The Brady Bunch that was on TV today where Peter (played by Christopher Knight) uses a tape recorder (kids, ask your parents) to spy on his siblings. Maybe there's an alternate universe somewhere where the Brady family weren't fictional and Peter went on to become an analyst for the National Security Agency?

This is me being topical with current events.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

To watch Under The Dome or not to watch Under The Dome, that is the question

I've been seeing commercials lately for the upcoming TV adaption of Stephen King's Under The Dome and today I've been debating whether or not to watch it when it premieres June 24.

(Ignore the fact that the video says the show is a mini-series. It isn't)

The question is whether or not it's worth investing time into watching Under The Dome because in all likelihood, it'll be cancelled. On the other hand, it might beat the odds and become a a hit like Once Upon A Time and Grimm. Or it could end up like The Event or FlashForward. At the very least, it'll be different from the usual network offerings. Now to butcher Shakespeare:

To Dome or not to Dome, that is the question?
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to watch a show that might be cancelled or watch it and enjoy the ride.

I'd like to apologize to The Bard and English lit majors everywhere.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to disable the Kinect's camera on the Xbox One in five easy steps

You might want to get a pen and paper and write this down:

1. Acquire a roll electrical tape:

2. Tear off a piece of electrical tape.
3. Apply electrical tape to the Kinect's camera so that it covers the lens.
4. ???
5. Profit!

Thoughts on last night's Raw

The opening match/segment with Triple H and Vince McMahon was actually pretty funny, especially when the latter stole the match bell. The rest of that particular storyline was bleh, yet reminded me of the McMahon-Helmsley shenanigans from the early 00s, before the Invasion. I couldn't shake the subtle hint of a possible heel turn for Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Who knows, maybe she's making a power play by pitting her father and her husband against each other.

But, hey, Curtis Axel is like 4-0 against Trips at this point and that's just...Perfect. Speaking of which, I'm hoping that WWE isn't going to put the Intercontinental title around Axel's waist already. I do think he might very well be either a WWE or World Heavyweight champion in a couple of years, but this just seems too soon. I know he's been on the roster for several years now and was in the New Nexus, but I just think that rushing him into a championship this soon after his re-debut as Curtis Axel might do more harm than good. It also bugs me because it signals that Wade Barrett is stuck in mid-card limbo and that's just sad. Also, Fandango has a concussion, so we didn't get to see his Lisa Frank outfit this week.

Wyatt Family promos! Wyatt Family promos everywhere! Whoever is making these deserves a raise and no less than two hookers.

Did everybody come up with Team RK-NO as a name for Bryan and Orton's team? Because it seems like it.

Daniel Bryan is the Best in the World. They need to put him in more matches with Seth Rollins. It seems like every time Bryan steps into the ring, it's the match of the goddamn year, regardless of who is opponent is. Bryan can pull a great match out of Ryback and that's quite a statement. The Bryan/Rollins match was beyond phenomenal. I loved how they kept putting each other in the surfboard hold, then breaking out of it. Bryan even whipped out a variation of the surfboard with the dragon sleeper hold. This match was so fucking good, Owen Hart's Force Ghost appeared to Bryan and Rollins after the match to congratulate them.

And can we just talk about that pop they both received during that match? I've never heard one louder, not even during the Attitude Era whenever Stone Cold or The Rock's music would play. I'd like to imagine that Vince and Trips were standing backstage watching this match and going "Yeah, we definitely need to get some more Ring of Honor guys..."

Mark Henry promo video! The King of all Hosses is coming back soon!

Then there was the big reveal of Kaitlyn's secret admirer, who turned out to be Big E. Langston. It was pretty ho-hum until Big E dropped Kaitlyn like a sack of sexy potatoes and AJ revealed that she had orchestrated the whole thing as part of long running plot against her former best friend. This was actually one of the best parts of last night's Raw, surprisingly. This was a storyline that's been running since 2011 when the Chickbusters split, and WWE carrying on a storyline involving two Divas for this long is amazing. I just hope they're not giving false hope for the future of the Divas Division, though.

Vince McMahon "doesn't hug other men" except for when he does.

Holy shit, Damien Sandow actually won a singles match! Aw, shit, here comes Douchebag Sheamus.

Who thought it was a good idea to promo Hardee's new hamburger by putting one down in front of the recent heart attack victim? I don't think he actually ate, but he was looking at it like it was an 18 year old cheerleader washing a car in a white t-shirt.

The only thing worth mentioning about the "showdown" between John Cena and Ryback were the lumberjacks. It's nice to see that Alex Riley, Ted DiBiase, Jr., and JTG are still employed.

My rating: 9/10. The Bryan/Rollins match gets an infinity/infinity.