Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Monday, July 18, 2016

In which Nerds of a Feather rank Kurt Vonnegut's novels

Right here. I haven't read any of his books yet, despite owning four of them, but I've read two of his short stories and they were pretty good. Whenever there's a book by a single author that's been praised to high heaven but everybody, I'm less inclined to read them for some reason. I'm not opposed to it, but there's definite procrastination on my part. I guess it's because I'm afraid that I'll read the book and it won't live up to the hype and that in turn could cast doubt on whether or not I'm "smart enough" to grok the work like everybody clearly does.

Well that, and satire doesn't seem to be up my alley. Catch-22 did nothing for me and boy, did I ever try my best to get into it.

Friday, July 8, 2016

IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!

I referenced the famous "It's over 9000!" meme from Dragon Ball Z in a comment over at HeroPress and forgot that not everybody has watched the same cartoons and shows that I did growing up, so for the sake of context, here's the original version of the scene:

And here's a much more hilarious remix:

There's actually quite a few remixes of that scene. The internet is amazing.


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

They'll run out of capes at some point

So unless you've been living under a rock for the past month or you just don't watch Supergirl, it was recently announced that Superman will finally make an appearance in the second season. The Man of Steel's has been on the show several times before, but CBS never showed the man in full, opting instead to show his cape or even his boots. I assumed that this was because of the DC Cinematic Universe and Warner Bros not wanting Supes to appear on the small screen, but I'm guessing now that it was because The CW still owned the TV rights.

So who's putting on the blue tights and (hopefully) red trunks this time?

Hopefully, Superman will be scruff-free.
Tyler Hoechlin from MTV's Teen Wolf. An interesting choice that I'm still on the fence about, but I've been wrong in my opinions before and I'm sure Hoechlin will knock it out of the park. According to the Variety article, Hoechlin will be in the first two episodes of season two, which makes sense considering what Kara might have found in the season finale.

I'm really hoping for a more traditional costume and not some 52 reboot nonsense.

Picture via Wikimedia.

Welcome to the "new" Nerd Trash

Where everything is the same except for the address! As I explained over on the old blog, I decided to change the url from nerdy-blog to nerd-trash because 1. I wanted the name and address to match, and 2. I never liked having the word blog followed immediately by blogspot in the old address. I also explained that I created a new blog rather than just change the address on the old one because I want the folks who read and follow Nerd Trash (if anybody actually does, lol) to be able to find the new one because I'm 99% sure that you lose your followers if you change the url on a Blogger blog.

Sure, I'll miss the 200k+ pageviews I had managed to rack up, but I can always start anew and the same content is still here for people to find.

Oh and I put up a new header too. I found some dynamite fonts over at Google Fonts and decided to throw something together in MS Paint. It's a considerable improvement, IMO, over the old banners. Hope you guys like it.

Monday, July 4, 2016

July's Icon of the Month: Superman (Christopher Reeve)

More specifically, the Christopher Reeve Superman. I plan on using the other incarnations in future installments and honestly, he's my favorite one.

Why do I like the Reeve Superman so much? Well, part of it because I watched the first two movies before any other adaptions and so my thinkbox automatically jumps to him whenever Superman movies or TV shows come up. The other reason is because in my opinion, Christopher Reeve is, was, and always will be Superman because of how he lived his life after his tragic accident. Aside from a brief period right after the accident, he didn't wallow in self-pity or become a recluse from society. Instead, he worked and worked to try and defy his doctors and get his body working again. He was never fully successful in that endeavor, but he did have some success near the end of his life. I also admire his dedication to stem cell research and how he campaigned tirelessly to get as much funding for it as possible. The thing about it that always gets me is that he knew full well that a cure for spinal injuries and paralysis would never be found in his lifetime or in the lifetime or other disabled people but that a cure would be found and it would benefit future generations. His desire to see that nobody should have to endure that kind of tragedy ever again is both inspiring and humbling and makes him the real Superman.