Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Welcome to the "new" Nerd Trash

Where everything is the same except for the address! As I explained over on the old blog, I decided to change the url from nerdy-blog to nerd-trash because 1. I wanted the name and address to match, and 2. I never liked having the word blog followed immediately by blogspot in the old address. I also explained that I created a new blog rather than just change the address on the old one because I want the folks who read and follow Nerd Trash (if anybody actually does, lol) to be able to find the new one because I'm 99% sure that you lose your followers if you change the url on a Blogger blog.

Sure, I'll miss the 200k+ pageviews I had managed to rack up, but I can always start anew and the same content is still here for people to find.

Oh and I put up a new header too. I found some dynamite fonts over at Google Fonts and decided to throw something together in MS Paint. It's a considerable improvement, IMO, over the old banners. Hope you guys like it.

1 comment:

  1. My Feedly has been updated. Good luck with the change, hope it goes well. I've changed URL too many times for my own good, but have no intention of swapping again. Unless....