Saturday, March 1, 2014

Blog thoughts

So I did some thinking this morning about all of the blogs I have on Blogger and what to do with them. Here's what I've come up with:

  • Shutting down 221B Baker Blog and A Matter of Expedients. I hardly post on them anymore, so there's no point in keeping them active. I'll merge some of the posts from the former to here and delete it, but I'll leave the latter around as an archive because I'd really rather not mess around the tags on those posts.
  • Create a new blog. I know, right? Deleting a blog and discontinuing another, then creating a new one? This one will be different in content. I want to post stuff that I normally wouldn't post here. Things that are more risque. Not like porn or anything, but pictures that I won't have to hide behind read mores. I also won't to post about books that are pulpy or action-y, like Matthew Reilly's Scarecrow novels or even pulpy, trashy books. I might also talk about politics and stuff too.
  • Meanwhile, this blog will pretty much stay the same.

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