Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Programming notes

It's been a month or thereabouts since I "relaunched" Nerd Trash, so I thought I'd give a sort of status update on things. Firstly, the posting itself is going great. This will be the 60th post of the year and 33rd just for February. I've had a few "dead" days where I haven't posted anything, but those are typically days when I'm busy with real world stuff, so those get a pass. Second, I'm ditching Wikipedia Wednesday and Shout-Out Friday. The former just didn't pan out like I hoped it would. I've mentioned in the past about how the "random article" link wasn't exactly bringing me gold nuggets, so I'm just not going to bother with it anymore. I'm leaning towards replacing it with a trivia feature since I like trivia and so do most people. As for Shout-Out Friday, that died in the womb, so to speak. Every time I tried writing a shout-out post, my brainbox would just go blank. I was never hip to it to begin with, so I don't feel bad for dropping it. I'm thinking about replacing it with a girls-oriented feature. I was thinking of calling it Gal Friday or Girl Friday. I keep thinking that another blog I read is already using Gal Friday, but my memory sucks and I'm drawing a blank.

Aside from Wednesday and Friday, I'm pleased as punch with Iron Monday, Off Topic Tuesday, and She-Hulk Thursday and will be keeping those going for as long as possible. I know that I'll run out of material for Monday and Thursday, but we'll cross and siege that bridge when we get there.

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