Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Well that was a bit anticlimatic (Flash spoilers)

So yeah, Zoom was finally unmasked in last night's episode of The Flash, "King Shark" and if you haven't seen the episode or the reaction to it yet, then, well, I'll let this Instagram pic give a hint. Beware, spoilers below.

A photo posted by Teddy Sears (@teddysears) on

Yup, Zoom is Jay Garrick or somebody who looks like him. At the end of the episode, it cuts to the helmeted man that Zoom is still holding prisoner. Zoom walks in carrying Jay Garrick's corpse, dumps it unceremoniously on the ground and pulls his mask off while the camera does a slow turn from his back to front, revealing the face of Jay Garrick. He then looks down at the corpse (while the helmet guy is visibly losing his crap) and says "Well, this is a complication".

Here's what disappoints me about the reveal: It was tacked on to the end of what was essentially a filler episode. Yes, the reveal was shocking and dramatic, but it would have had more impact if it had been done while confronting Barry and the rest of Team Flash. Imagine the shock and horror as Zoom pulls his mask off and they all see Jay's face smiling back at them.

Ah, but it does leave us with a big question. Who is this Jay Garrick? Is it even a Jay Garrick at all? Eobard Thawne was able to use a device to disguise himself as Harrison Wells, so who's to say that this Zoom fellow didn't do something similar? The person I'm leaning towards is Edward Clarisse, who was an enemy to Jay Garrick and used the name The Rival. What lends weight to this is Teddy Sears' avatar on Instagram.

Which looks like this:

DC Comics Database.
Very, very interesting. On the other hand, it could be Hunter Zolomon or a combination of him and Edward Clarisse.

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