Monday, February 1, 2016

February Icon of the Month: Hayley Atwell

Originally, I was going to make Ms. Atwell January's Icon since that was when the second season of Agent Carter premiered, but that didn't feel right, too...promotional, so I decided to push her back to February. But it wasn't even a choice that Hayley Atwell would be an Icon of the Month at some point. She's taken a character that was originally supposed to be nothing more than Captain America's love interest and transformed her into the one of the most popular, most critically acclaimed characters not just in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but probably in entertainment. I genuinely think she's played a vital role in showing Marvel, DC, and the entertainment industry in general that yes, people want to see women in lead roles, as protagonists and not as helpless damsels in distress. At the same time, she doesn't play Peggy as some overblown STRONG FEMALE CHARACTER. There's femininity in the character that isn't hidden away all the time. Peggy knows that men find her sexy and attractive and she has zero qualms at using that and the sexism of the time period as an advantage.

Aside from her work with Peggy Carter, I chose Atwell because of her sense of humor. Her dubsmash battles with the cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. were epic. Her behind the scenes pictures she posted on her Twitter were hilarious for all the hijinks she'd gotten into when the cameras weren't rolling. Alas, she deleted her social media accounts for the sake of privacy, which I can respect.

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