Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Elliot Page comes out as trans

An unexpected surprise as the star of Juno, the X-Men movies, and The Umbrella Academy (among many other roles) announced via social media that he was living his truth and coming out as trans and would be using he/him and they/them pronouns. The reason why I'm not mentioning his former name is because apparently that's considered a "dead name" within the context of the trans community and that it's considered gaunche to refer to a trans person by their old name. I think there's exception for like historical context, but I'd rather play it safe and respectful by not saying it. Plus, I mean, given that there was only one actor with the surname "Page" in the X-Men movies and on The Umbrella Academy, it's not difficult to figure what his old name was prior to the change.

My hat's off to him and it goes without saying that I and Nerd Trash support both Elliot Page and all trans people because TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS.