Wednesday, April 25, 2018

I only watch like two movies a year and Marvel's already got me maxed out

Generally, I really do only watch one or two new releases a year. I usually claim that it's partly because of never having the cash when a movie I want to see drops (because I end up spending on other things, like books), but in all honesty, it's because I'm lazy and a master procrastinator. The local theater in town is a small one and typically only shows a movie for about two weeks before swapping it for another new release (Black Panther was an exception and rightly so) and I drag my feet long enough that I tend to miss the ones that I might have wanted to watch.

Fortunately, I did manage to see Black Panther. A side note here, but there were only about six other people there that day and most of them were old and white. That movie really did cross generational and racial barriers.

So that was the first movie and the second is going to be...Infinity War. Not on the opening weekend and maybe not even on the first week, but I will be seeing it, come hell or high water.

But of course the problem there is after that, I'm "maxed out" so to speak. I don't pay attention to release schedules, so, for the most part, I don't know what's coming out for the rest of the year. I know that Han Solo movie is hitting theaters next month, but I lost any interest I had in it last year after the kerfluffle with Lucasfilm firing the directors and whatnot.

So will Infinity War be the last movie I see for the rest of 2018? Unless the sequels to Wonder Woman and Black Panther are released this year, then probably maybe yeah.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Another year older

Ugh, I'm getting old. Reagan was still in his first term as President when I was born, the American video game industry had yet to crash, and the original Doctor Who was still on the air. I was born around the same time as Return of the Jedi and I think one of the Indiana Jones movies.


Friday, April 13, 2018

Life Status Update

So I thought I'd give everybody who still reads this blog (all three of you) a head's up on things and why I haven't been posting here or on any of my blogs lately. To put it simply, life took a nosedive. First, my mother had a stroke near the end of February. Thankfully she was close to a hospital (literally right across the parking lot) when it happened, so they were able to give her some kind of anti-stroke medicine. Because of that, excellent medical care, and just plain luck she didn't suffer anything permanent damage and after a stay at a rehab center, she's recovered.

And then things just got worse. In March, my father was diagnosed with cancer in one lung and a lymph node near that lung. He has COPD, so he has to have a CT scan done of his chest every year and this time around, they found something. A PET scan eventually identified the something. As you can examine, the diagnosis was devastating for everybody, but again, we had some luck. A scan of his brain and bones showed that cancer hadn't spread and it was in just that lung and lymph node. The doctors also caught it early enough that it can probably be beaten. He's facing about five weeks of daily radiation treatments and chemotherapy once a week. Obviously, that's fantastic and likely the best we could have hoped for in this situation.

As a result of this, I've been going back and forth to the doctors and the hospital's cancer center since then, so I haven't had much time for blogging.

Near the end of March, I had my own health problem, though not anywhere near as bad as the above cases. I woke up one Thursday with incredible lower back pain, soreness in my legs, and just generally feeling like I had swapped places with a 70-year-old. How bad was it? Well, that Friday it took me about ten minutes just to stand up out of bed and twenty more to get dressed. It wasn't until the following day that I finally gave in and went to the hospital.

It's worth noting that this was the first time I had gone to one in about seventeen or eighteen years. I'm not joking or exaggerating, I really was that healthy and mule-stubborn. There, I was diagnosed with back sprain (or strain), given prescriptions for a muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory. I turned down the prescription for painkillers because I've never taken any opioid-based, don't know how I'll react to them and would really rather not contribute to the opioid crisis in this country.

My back's mostly fine now. I haven't really been working it or my legs that much since then and so I'm not 100% yet.

I do plan on getting back in the blogging saddle. It's going to be a not slow but not fast process since my attention is focused on helping my dad through his cancer situation, but I'll get there eventually.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Predictions for Avengers: Infinity War

Some of the good guys die: This is a big, big, movie and the stakes have to be equally as big and I can't think of any better way to raise the stakes than by having several of the protagonists die in the course of the movie. This would also be an excellent way of ensuring people are invested in seeing Infinity War Part 2 when it comes out. Have Part 1 end with several of the big namers dead and people will buy tickets to see what happens in the second part. Obviously, none of the deaths would be permanent and would be reversed in the sequel.

The Mad Titan Triumphant: As above, have Infinity War Part 1 end with Thanos standing seemingly victorious over our heroes as a way to build anticipation for Part 2.

The movie will implode from the sheer number of Chrises: We've almost reached Christical mass!

Then suddenly...Adam Warlock!: I have to imagine that Warlock will be in either Part 1 or 2. They've hinted at his existence in the MCU in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, he played a big part in the Infinity Gauntlet/Infinity War events in the comics, and he's like Thanos' #1 enemy, so he has to have a role in either movie. Personally, I'd save him for the second act with him only appearing at the end of the first.

Oh Captain, My Captain Marvel: I'm hoping Carol Danvers is in this somewhere. I know her movie is set in like the early 90s, but they could easily explain her lack of aging as being a side effect of her powers or whatever.

Tony will spend much of the movie trying to hire Shuri: Once he meets Wakanda's techno-whiz and sees all of the technology she's developed, I imagine he'll continually try and poach her with ever increasing salaries, titles, and perks.

Bucky Barnes' hair will look fabulous: The only prediction that will bear fruit because damn, that man has some nice hair. He had a lovely pornstache in I, Tonya too.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Saw Black Panther and it was good

I think it's been overhyped some and that's understandable given the social importance the movie has been given. Having said that, I think it is one of the best Marvel has put out in the past several years. Ryan Coogler has a bright future as a director and the cast is so chock full of stars that movie studios would be greatly remiss in not burying them in film roles.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Photo dump: In which I have found the greatest pictures of Robert Downey, Jr. of all time

Back in 1995 Robert Downey, Jr. did a movie called Restoration, based on a book of the same name by Rose Tremain. In it, Downey plays a doctor named Robert Merivel in 17th century Restoration-era England. He joins the court of Charles II as a doctor to his dogs, is married to the king's favorite mistress (so that he can still fool around with her without his other mistresses knowing), gets booted from court, and helps save lives during the Great Plague of London and the Great Fire.

But that's not important here. What is important are all of the pictures I found of RDJ from this movie.

I think the only reason I like these pictures is because it's just funny to see Iron Man in a wig and 17th century outfits. I mean, look at that wig and those hats! Fabulous! Amazing! We need more movies like this.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Nerd Trash's Book Recommendation of the Month: The Hammer of God by Arthur C. Clarke

So this is a thing I'm going to try and do where I recommend a book every month. I'll try for different genres, but since obviously I'm only going to pick books I've read and I have a limited field of interest, expect a lot of SF, fantasy, and mysteries/crime.

Anyways, The Hammer of God is a really good book. I just posted a review of it over on my SF blog, so head on over there if you want to. The gist of it is an asteroid dubbed "Kali" is discovered on a collision course with Earth in the year 2110. The book follows the attempts of the crew of the spaceship Goliath and its captain, Robert Singh, to prevent this by attaching a mass driver to Kali that would change the space rock's trajectory by slowly pushing it away. Intermingled in all of this is chapters dedicated to depicting human civilization in the 22nd century. It's all pretty interesting: the Moon and Mars are both colonized, the world is governed by a World Council, and generally everything is going peachy.

This book isn't high on action or conflict. It's more in-line with another of Clarke's novels, Rendezvous with Rama. It's a lot more of exciting adventure than what you would expect, but that's what I've come to expect of Arthur C. Clarke and why I'm quickly growing to be a fan of his.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

February's Person of the Month: Sir Arthur C. Clarke

(via Wikipedia)
I've decided to revive my short-lived "Icon of the Month" feature and having just finished The Hammer of God, I can't think of no one better to honor than Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

Clarke, of course, is a titan of the SF genre. From his pen and mind came astounding works of science fiction such as Rendezvous With Rama, Childhood's End, The Fountains of Paradise, and more. His most famous work, without a doubt, would be 2001: A Space Odyssey, written in conjunction with the groundbreaking Stanley Kubrick film. 2001 would spawn three sequels as part of the Space Odyssey series.

Rendezvous With Rama was the first novel of his that I had ever read and I loved it. It was one of those books that I wish I had read long ago and regretted not having done so.

He had an impact outside of the SF as well. In 1945, he first wrote a paper describing the potential use of telecommunications satellites in geostationary orbit. While it's not clear if his paper led to the development of such satellites, he predicted them almost a decade before anybody else. Today, geostationary orbit is called Clarke Orbit.

He also played TV host in the 1980s and '90s to a trio of shows: Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World, Arthur C. Clarke's World of Strange Powers, Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious Universe.

Arthur C. Clarke was the last of the "Big Three" of Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, and himself to die. Even though I had never read any of his books at the time, his death in 2008 was a gut punch because it was crystal clear that SF and the world at large had lost a bit of greatness.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Friendly reminder: Follow and subscribe!

Just want to say that if you like what you read on Nerd Trash or it just helps kill time while you're on the toilet, then don't forget to subscribe to the RSS feed...

...and become a follower by clicking that lovely blue button on the sidebar. You can also follow by email, if anybody still does that anymore. Every bit helps, folks, every bit helps.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Opinions needed: Which should be the next Nerd Trash header?

It's about time to swap the current one (Andy Griffith wearing pink sunglasses from I think that episode of The Andy Griffith Show where he, Opie, and Aunt Bea go to Hollywood), but I can't decide which to use. Here's the candidates.

As you can see, I have a several variations of this one. The source image is from some pre-Parks and Rec movie Aubrey Plaza did called "The To Do List". I like it because it's a bit risque and daring. I have reservations about it for much the same reason. It might be too risque, even with her hand obscured by the blog's name.

Here's the next option:

I like this because it fits the nerd motif of the blog and is obviously "safer" than the Plaza header. My main problem is that my brain box keeps telling me that I've seen this picture used on another blog before, but I can't recall if I have or where I've seen it. I don't want to copycat someone.

Alternatively, I could revisit an old header:

Both oldies, but goodies. I've always liked them. If I went with these, I'd probably create new versions since they no longer need to be as wide because I finally learned how to center header images. :)

So which one should be Nerd Trash's next header image? Let me know down in the comments.
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