Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Poll: An abundance of Doctors

To say that Doctor Who has experienced a resurgence in popularity since it's return to television back in 2005 would be a monumental understatement. For the Whovians, this poll is for you: Who is your favorite Doctor? For non-Whovians or curious about the show, here's a handy guide to learn about the Doctor.


  1. I'll say Ten...silly and compassionate, badass and still a bit vengeful. Eleven seems to be serious and secret smart, but I feel like a lot of him acts like he's forgotten where he's came from.

  2. I've always had a fondness for Patrick Troughton. Admittedly that could be because he was the first Doctor I ever saw but I do like the twinkle in his eye and his vulnerability.

  3. I love Ten too, I really do buttttt I have to say that Eleven is my favorite, he just really personifies an ancient being in a young body.

    Though really when I think about the Doctor I think about Four, 'cause he was my first. Jelly Babies.

  4. The late 2 episodes/early 3 episodes got me into the series from the beginning, and it was a tough job deciding between them (especially since they hate each other's shit).

    I ended up voting 3, more or less because I found the Brigadier to be one of the most compelling companions to grace Who.

    Others I love: 5, 7, 9, 11

    (My favourite would be 6 - Colin Baker is the darkest Doctor to grace the small screen - but sadly the writers during that era sucked ass.)

    Also, it saddens to me that, in a poll involving every Doctor, so many are only acquainted with New Who. Not unexpected, but sad nonetheless.

  5. I blame the BBC for that one. They should have BBC America air episodes from the old series so that nuWhovians can gain an appreciation for the others.

  6. When ABC (the Australian one) heard that RTD was rebooting Who, they dusted off the classic archives and ran the entire series in chronological order. 6 p.m. weekdays for half an hour, from start to finish and ending with the movie.

    The project went between 2 and 3 years. By about the 6th Doctor, New Who launched its first episode so I was well acquainted with the Doc (and, incidentally, the Autons that appear in the first episode) from the get-go.

    I can understand why America didn't do it - they never really cared much for Who, not until Tennant came along - but I think I can safely say that if they didn't rerun the oldies during that convenient prime time slot, I probably wouldn't be a fan today.

    Also, 11 becomes a million times more funny when you realize he's modeling himself as an inversion of 2.