Thursday, July 18, 2019

So I guess I'll give my $0.02 on the new Supergirl costume

I'm days late and was already dollars short, so you've undoubtedly have heard that season five of Supergirl will feature a brand new costume for the Girl of Steel.

I like it. While the skirt was obviously iconic, it was also silly and impractical. After all, in this day and age of camera phones and creepshots, do you really want to be flying around in a skirt even if there's nothing to see under there (I mean, she was wearing something under that skirt, unless she was Scottish). It's overall just a good look.

On a funny note, however, I need to point out that it does kind of look similar to the costume that pornstar Carter Cruise wore in a Batman v. Superman porn parody (at least, I think it was a BvS parody).

Purely coincidental of course because there's only so many variations in design that you can do with a red and blue costume while retaining enough visual cues that it's a Supergirl costume. Of the two, the CW Supergirl costume wins hands down.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

A robotic master of magnetism?

So our microwave gave up the ghost and stopped working last week. Well, that's not entirely accurate because it still comes on, it just doesn't heat anymore. It also started making a noise that sits somewhere between a hum and a groan. A quick search on the internet revealed the likely culprit: the magnetron, which is part of the heating mechanism. So we're just going to buy a new microwave next month because replacing the faulty part would cost more than the old microwave is actually worth.

But that's not what this post is about. What it is about is the fact that I keep wanting to call the magnetron a "Magnetotron", like some sort of cybernetic Master of Magnetism which would just be hilarious because Magneto would short out his own cybernetics every time he'd try to use his powers.