Monday, August 14, 2023

Quick thought: Give me a Bad Bat over a Bad Big Blue Boy Scout anyday

Is it just me or does anyone else think that the whole "What if Superman goes evil" thing is just boring? We've seen it in Injustice and elsewhere and while I get the appeal of a near-godlike and highly esteemed superhero going to the darkside, I just think it's been done enough and it's time to move on. Besides, you know who would be more interesting to see go evil?

Batman. The Caped Crusader going bad is far more terrifying specifically because he isn't a godlike being like Superman. He just has his brain and that thing is always - ALWAYS - coming up with plans and plans for those plans and so on. We're talking about a guy who looked at his fellow Justice Leaguers and friends and thought "How can I best defeat and potentially kill these people if I had to?" This dude would wipe out the JLA, the JSA, the Titans, etc. before they even knew that he had flipped. The supervillains of the DC Universe meanwhile would be like:

And you know what? I would read the ever loving frak out of that comic. Come on, DC, gimme evil Batman!

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