Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Poll: Your favorite Teen Wonder?

Since the last two polls were scifi based, I thought I'd switch things up by doing one more comic oriented. So, of all of Robins that have been Batman's sidekicks, who is your favorite?

Dick Grayson, the first Robin and the most associated with the role, even though he hasn't Robin for decades. Eventually went on to become Nightwing and ultimately took over the mantle of Batman on two separate occassions, the second of which was current until the recent reboot.

Jason Todd, the second Robin and the first to die. He was never popular with Bat-Fans and his death was famous (or infamous, depending on your POV) because it was voted on by the public. Was dead for almost twenty years until resurrected in the comics and eventually became the Red Hood - formerly an alias used by the Joker, the man who killed him - and became a violent vigilante. He was known to be aggressive and had a habit of leaping headlong into situations without thinking it through.

Tim Drake, the third Robin. He got the job after both deducing Batman and Nightwing's secret identities and realizing that Batman needs a sidekick to help keep his aggression in check. After the death of Jason Todd, Batman became much more violent, sending more criminals to the hospital than to jail. He was the first Robin to gain a new costume, primarily pants, and was also the first to leave and return to the role. He was forced to retire after his dad found out that he was Robin, but returned to the job after the events of War Games. Went on to become Red Robin after the death of the original Batman and his replacement as Robin by Damian Wayne.

Stephanie Brown, the first female Robin, the second to be fired and almost the second to come back to life. The daughter of a villain named Cluemaster, she started out as a vigilante named Spoiler who met and eventually became Tim's girlfriend. She retired temporarily after becoming pregnant (not by Tim), but returned to the role and after Tim's retirement, became the fourth Robin. She didn't last though and was fired, then unintentionally sparked a massive gang war in Gotham and was almost killed. Her death was faked and she disappeared for a while before resurfacing. She returned to her Spoiler role before succeeding Cassandra Cain as Batgirl.

Damian Wayne, the biological son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. Fifth Robin and probably the youngest at ten years old, so not exactly a Teen Wonder, but close enough. He was trained by assassins, so he tended to go for more lethal attacks. Once he became Robin, he restrained himself, having promised his father he wouldn't kill. Still, he was overly violent and only began to temper his attitude until his old brother's tutelage. He has a smart mouth to boot and enjoys taunting Tim.

So, who's your favorite?


  1. Jason Todd, definitely. I relate to him the most :3

  2. Tim Drake, nerd!love

  3. Dick! No wait.....DAMIAN! NOT TIM OR STEPH!!

    Lol. I know who my least favs are :)

  4. I will always love Dick

    Pun intended.

  5. I love Jason the most, but I need to give Steph some love... so Steph!!!

  6. I've gotta say Tim.. He's the best Robin there ever was.. Not to mention, the smartest and most independent

  7. Dick.
    Then Jason.
    Then Damian.
    And lastly Tim.

  8. Damian Wayne. Come on he's the son of the bat!

  9. how the fuck is Steph even coming 3rd she was like the shittiest Robin out

  10. DIck OR Damian. Richard, if i had to make the choice, NEVER STEPHANIE
    id choose alfred before tim or steph (alfred did take on the mantle of robin before)