Friday, October 7, 2011

Barnes and Noble loses its shit, pulls DC's books off shelves

Saw this on The Beat and facepalmed so hard, I almost broke my nose. DC Comics recently inked a deal with Amazon to make their graphic novels and trades available on the new Kindle Fire, Amazon's upcoming tablet and Barnes and Noble, much like an angst-ridden teen, lost their shit and in a gross overreaction, is yanking a hundred of DC's titles off their store shelves. Multiversity Comics has a list of the titles and holy shit, it is extensive: A lot of Batman, all of Fables, Y: The Last Man, Sandman, Blackest Night, and more.

My take: A really dumb move on Barnes and Noble's part and destined not only to hurt them more than DC, but will go down as one of the biggest business blunders of the decade. They're basically pushing people to their competitors, but online and off. Dumbasses.

Edit: According to The Beat, DC's exclusivity deal with Amazon is only for four months and it was only for those one hundred titles that B&N are pulling. Nonetheless, the latter overreacted big time. Oh well, I'm sure their competitors will enjoy the boost in comic sales for the next four months.

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