Monday, October 17, 2011

Want: Star Wars: Essential Guide to Warfare

I saw this on Tor today and I am drooling. The book covers the military history of the Star Wars universe, all the way back to the earliest point and discusses (in universe, of course) different wars and militaries and such. Here's Emily Asher-Perrin's description:
This guide will offer a detailed history of the Star Wars universe by examining its conflicts, including the early theocracy that almost tore the galaxy apart, and the Proto Jedi and Sith, giving details of how they split into two factions of Force users. Vignettes will be laced through the chronology, including Lando’s account of his “little manuveur” at the Battle of Tanaab and reflections on what it was like to be a female stormtrooper.  There will be a detailed ship classification system and a history of Mandalorian society.
To use a common internet phrase:
According to Wookieepedia, the guide is set for release in May of next year.

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