Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I love this redesign of Cyborg and I am unashamed

Aaron Diaz, who writes and draws Dresden Codak, has been on a redesign spree of late, first redoing several Marvel and DC characters, and now redesigning the new Justice League of America. You can check out his designs on his blog, but I just have to post my favorite of the bunch: Cyborg.

Me gusta! Diaz based Cyborg's appearance on Moss, a character from nerd favorite British TV show The IT Crowd, played by Richard Ayoade. I've never had the chance to watch the show, but I've heard nothing but good things about it and enough screencaps show up on my dash on Tumblr that I was instantly able to recognize Ayoade's likeness. Diaz also redid Cyborg as a character, shifting him from a heavy hitter and tank to a more nerdy, tech-oriented character. In other words, on a mission with the JLA, this version of Cyborg would be responsible for the majority of computer work and tech support. Diaz's reasoning is pretty sound too: Cyborg may have been the heavy while he was a member of the Teen Titans, but now he's on a team comprised of some of the heaviest of the heavy hitters and would easily be dwarfed by the likes of Wonder Woman, Superman, and Martian Manhunter. I also like that he's not wearing a traditional costume, it really makes him stand out from the crowd.

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