Monday, February 1, 2016

The Fine Bros are anything but fine at this point

They really ought to teach a master class in how to piss off fans, YouTubers, and the internet in general. For those who don't know who the Fine Bros are, they're a pair of guys whose claim to internet fame was making reaction videos, which is to say that they would show a group (kids, seniors, other YouTubers, Ashy Larry, whatever) a video or something and then film their reaction to it. Going by their channel, they do other videos but the reaction ones are their bread and butter. So what did they do to piss off the internet? They're trying to copyright the word "react" and for all intents and purposes, trying to lay claim over the entire reaction video genre.

No. Really. I'm not making this up. These two doofuses are trying to claim ownership over an entire type of video for no other apparent reason than because they want monopolize it. As I've already mentioned, the reaction has been outrage and legions of their fans unsubscribing from their channel. They've already fallen under 14 million subscribers and while I don't know what it was before, the plummet seems to be traumatic. What's really quite funny in a hypocritical sort of way is that the Fine Bros responded to the backlash by posting a "clarification" their intentions on their Facebook. In it, they claim that they weren't trying to seize control over the reaction genre, but were merely trying to copyright their own particular format. What's ridiculous about that is that their format isn't original! It's just people sitting at a desk and watching a video on a laptop while a camera records their reaction to what they're watching! That's literally the entire genre in a nutshell! Even stupider is that while they say that they're not trying to control the genre, there have been reports of other people's reaction videos being taken down on YouTube, meaning that someone is issuing takedown notices.

Another flaw in their argument is the fact that in their video announcement of "React World", they claimed that other people will be allowed to make reaction videos. Allowed. Wow, really, dickheads? The monumental stupidity of it just blows my mind. This would be like Epic Meal Time trying to lay claim to the cooking genre or Michelle Phan on makeup videos on YouTube and going after other creators with DMCAs. Patently stupid, just like The Fine Bros.

I mean, it really is amazing how they're trying to claim ownership over a genre of entertainment that has existed since at least Kids Say the Darnedest Things.

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