Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why I think CM Punk's match at Hell in a Cell will be a triple threat and why Punk will win

First, a brief recap on the circumstances from last Monday's episode of Raw leading to the triple threat.

So Vinnie Mac gives CM Punk an ultimatium: he has until Monday to choose which opponent he'll face at Hell in a Cell - John Cena or Ryback - or McMahon will choose for him and that right there is why I think it'll be a triple threat between the two men. The encounters between Punk and Ryback were big clues as well, but I don't think it'll be a one on one between those two men for two reasons:
  1. I think the WWE intends for Punk to hold the title until at least Survivor Series. I think they not only like the idea of a year long title reign, they also don't really have anyone else waiting in the wings to take the championship. I don't think the WWE Universe (I hate that name, by the way) would support another John Cena title run. Dude's already held it ten times, that's more than enough.
  2. I think Ryback's undefeated streak is going to continue for a while longer. He's still largely doing squash matches and hasn't really faced any substantial threat in his matches, though they're obviously beginning to bring him down from Wolverine levels of invulnerability. Plus, I just don't think he's ready for the belt. Give him the Intercontinental title for a few months, give him matches where he actually has to fight to win, with a few close squeakers mixed in to plant seeds of doubt in the Universe's minds about his ability to beat Punk before having him challenge for the belt. Just for the love of god, don't give him the U.S. title, because the crowds are already chanting "Goldberg" when Ryback wrestles, there's no need to reinforce it. 
So, for those reasons, I think Punk will retain the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell by pinning Cena. As a side note, I think the WWE should take Cena out of circulation for a while; maybe have him suffer an injury to his recently operated on elbow that forces him to take time off and go through rehab. They should also start to think seriously about moving Cena out of the main event picture and into the upper mid-card. Cena's time has passed and it's time for the next generation to shine.

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