Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Here it is, the Iron Man 3 trailer

Looks interesting, especially the bit with Tony apparently going under the knife to get the ARC reactor removed from his chest. That's makes a lot of sense, actually. In the comics, he only had the pacemaker until 1969, when he retrieves an artificial heart transplant in Iron Man #19 and no longer needs the pacemaker. Plus, Iron Man 3 is supposed to feature parts of the Warren Ellis's Extremis storyline, so if Tony injects himself with the Extremis Virus, he definitely won't be needing the reactor, at least not in his chest.

Iron Man also seems to be facing the consequences of having a publicly known identity, which illustrates the very reason why superheroes have secret identities: So supervillains don't send helicopter gunships to your house to try and blow you up.

One gripe, though:

Via Marvel's Tumblr.
Isn't Mandarin supposed to be Chinese? Don't get me wrong, it's great seeing Ben Kingsley star in something other than B-movies, but really? Mandarin? Personally, I would have gone with Ken Watanabe. Sure, he's not Chinese either, but at least he's Asian.

h/t HeroPress.

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