Monday, November 12, 2012

Binging on videos

I don't watch a great many videos on the internet for some reason. I blame procrastination and having a limited interest in what the net has to offer - I'm not much of a fan of nutshots, cute animals, or people doing song covers or what have you. Usually, I watch wrestling videos, music videos, etc., but last night, I binged like someone who hadn't eaten for days and just walked into an all-you-can-eat restaurant. I watched the first two episodes of Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome (see my post here), followed by the sixth season of The Guild, and got caught up on the episodes of TableTop that I had missed. I followed that up with the episodes of Elementary and The Big Bang Theory that I missed last Thursday. Sprinkled around there for flavor was an episode of My Drunk Kitchen and Daily Grace.

I don't know why I watched all those videos. I think the internet is increasingly becoming superior to television when it comes to entertainment - I had more fun watching a hungover Hannah Hart try to cook a simple breakfast than I have watching half-hour, award-winning comedies on TV.

Whatever the reason, I'm making this a permanent thing; I don't watch that much TV to begin with. I might also start writing my posts about these videos: non-reviews, highlighting shows that I think are worth watching, that sort of thing.

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