Monday, September 23, 2013

Infographic: Batman's bat-suits through the decades

Created by Benjamin Moore for Screen Rant, the infographic charts the evolution of Batman's costume from its first appearance in 1939 (Detective Comics #27) to about 2011. It also includes the bat-suits from the movies, cartoons, the '66 TV show, video games, and from The Dark Knight Returns. Dick Grayson's (Robin, Nightwing) and Azrael's bat-armor are in there too.

Click to enlarge.
I've always been fond of the gray and blue versions of the bat-suit. In all honesty? Never been a great fan of the movie costumes. Just not digging the whole rubber suit thing. I mean, it's pretty bad when Batman can't turn his head, isn't that a major liability when you're fighting gun-toting criminals and supervillains armed with all sorts of deadly weapons?

Then again, I'm more than a little bit of a grumpy cat when it comes to this nerd stuff.

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