Saturday, February 28, 2015

5 Arrow spinoffs I'd like to see

Arrow's been on the air for three seasons and has already spawned one spinoff, The Flash. So why not more? Here's five spinoffs that I think would be worth watching.

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The Atom: This is the most likely of the five to happen. In fact, there's already talk of a spinoff. We’re seeing Ray working on the suit and he has a stated intent to use it to fight crime, so a spinoff makes sense. Plus, it would capitalize on the success of Marvel’s Iron Man movies and possibly the Ant-Man movie if it doesn’t bomb at the box office. Ray is being portrayed as a technologist in the same vein as Tony Stark after all, and he'll presumably have size-changing powers like his comic book version (white dwarf star matter was mentioned in the episode ("Draw Back Your Bow") and Ant-Man. The difference is that the writers are trying to broaden his abilities beyond mere shrinking. I like technological/scientific superheroes. Their gadgets tend to be awesome.

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Wildcat: He fought against Brick’s gang in the episode "Uprising" and he already had prior experience as a vigilante, so why not? The premise would be that The Glades is left incredibly unstable due to events over the past seasons, so Wildcat springs back into action to help fight crime there. Ollie gives him his blessing because it helps reduce his own workload.

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Black Canary: Laurel decides to strike out on her own and takes up in the defense of her own section of the city. She still helps out Ollie and crew. Like with Ted, Ollie gives her the greenlight because he realizes he needs much more help defending Starling than ever before.

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The Question: Use his origin as a reporter who also fights corruption and organized crime. Maybe give him aspects of Denny O’Neil’s run on the character? The Sara Montoya version is another option, but she's more tied to the Batman side of the DCU.

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Thea Queen: Well, I mean, Malcolm Merlyn did give her loads of combat training and she’s quite capable of fighting, plus she has multiple trophies in archery, so she has those skills like her brother. Maybe Ollie takes her as a sidekick (to keep an eye on her) and insists on calling her Speedy. Obviously, that's not going to strike fear into the hearts of criminals, so she'd have to go with something else on the streets.

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