Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Comics writer/artist Cameron Stewart and writer Warren Ellis accused of sex misconduct

Not a stellar day in the world of comic books and fiction. Cameron Stewart stands accused by multiple women of misconduct of a sexual nature, including groom of one of his victims when she was a minor. Stewart was the co-writer of Batgirl several years ago when it relaunched with the return of Barbara Gordon as the superheroine. He's worked on other comics since then, including several with Grant Morrison.

The first allegation came when artist Aviva Artzy revealed on Twitter that Stewart had groomed her when she was 16 years old and Stewart was in his early 30s.
Two other women, actress Natasha Negovanlis of Carmilla fame and comics writer Kate Leth, have also come out with accusations of improper behavior.

Sadly, Cameron Stewart isn't the only person in comics currently being accused of inappropriate behavior. According to Multiversity Comics, Warren Ellis is being accused by several women including writer Katie West and photographer Jayne Holmes of sexual coercion. Essentially, he attempted to manipulate them through both friendship and during vulnerable points in their lives in order to try and create a sexual relationship, only to discard them on a whim. Ellis has created several comics such as Transmetropolitan and Planetary. He also wrote the "extremis" story that Iron Man 3 was partially based on.

None of this acceptable, sexual misconduct of any kind ever is. Both Cameron Stewart and Warren Ellis need to take a step back, due some very deep and thorough soul search and reassess their behaviors and how it effects others. Failing that, they can both fuck right the hell off.

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