Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Well, this just seems petty and dangerous

I was reading an article on Vox last night about how a group of (now) six former eBay employees were arrested and charged for stalking and harassing a couple because they wrote critical things about the auction site in a newsletter.

No, seriously.
The “three-part harassment campaign,” as the DOJ described it, allegedly included sending the couple disturbing items including a pig mask, cockroaches, spiders, fly larvae, and a book about surviving the death of a spouse (both members of the couple were and remain alive). There was also allegedly an attempt to send a pig fetus, but the supplier apparently figured out that something strange was going on and didn’t fulfill the order.

Parts two and three of the alleged campaign included sending disturbing Twitter messages and listing the couple’s Natick, Massachusetts, home as a destination for swingers, and then going to their home to try to put a GPS tracking device on their car in August 2019. At this point, the couple became aware that they were being surveilled and called the police.
What in the actual fuck? All this because two people wrote articles that were critical of eBay (the newsletter covered several other online retailers as well)? What makes it all the more disturbing is how high ranking some of these people were. One was the head of the company's global resiliency department and another was senior director of safety and security. It also looks like it might have gone even further to the top because right around the time these people got caught, eBay fired their Chief Communications Officer.

It is somewhat surprising to me that eBay would be involved in this. They are, as far as internet companies go, fairly quiet. They don't make as big of a ruckus as say Amazon or Google. But I guess it just goes to show you that none of them can ever truly be trusted.

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