Monday, April 8, 2013

Jason watches Mad Men's season six premiere "The Doorway" (spoilers)

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 Although, I almost missed it because I didn't know the show was coming back this month. I don't watch TV much anymore. Fair warning, there are spoilers after the jump.

In any case, "The Doorway" has features several plots and begins with Don and Meg in Hawaii on a working vacation. The latter's career on a popular soap opera is burgeoning and Don meets a soldier in a bar and attends his wedding as the father of the bride. Don pretty much spends the entire episode just sort of...coasting. That's the only way I can describe it.

Roger meanwhile is going through what appears to be either a mid-life crisis or an existential one. He tells his shrink that he feels nothing and shows it when his secretary later informs him that his mother has died - she's more upset about it than he is and he consoles her. Yet, paradoxically, he breaks down at the end of the episode when he finds out that the guy who shines his shoes is dead. Roger has not been the same since he dropped acid last season.

Betty is Betty. She made a rape joke as foreplay in one scene. Seriously. She also goes to look for one of Sally Draper's friends, a talented violinist, when she goes off to New York City to attend Juliard, but instead spends most of her remaining screen in an abandoned building occupied by squatters. She also dyes her hair black.

Peggy is still a BAMF. Love Peggy. Her plot mainly dealt with a client 86ing an ad campaign because a comedian (I keep thinking George Carlin) on Johnny Carson made several jokes about soldiers in Vietnam cutting off ears and turning them into necklaces. The client (I can't remember if they mentioned their name) makes headphones and the campaign was centered around the "lend me your ears" line from William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

Ginsberg has a mustache and looks like he belongs in a supporting role in a 70s movie. Stan has a beard and looked vaguely like a young Ron Fucking Swanson. I love the way Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce looks now. Last season ended with the agency planning to expand to a second floor and they did. Now, a staircase outside their conference room leads directly to a second floor full of offices. There are also a lot more employees and the place generally looks way busier than it did last season.

Pete's hairline is receding. This pleases me, especially because he's still a turd.

Harry Crane has sideburns a modish/Beatles-type haircut. Definitely late 60s-early 70s look.

Don and Meg are pals with a doctor and his wife. Don's fucking his wife. No surprise there.

Overall, I'd say this was a good episode, but it didn't roll my socks down, let alone blow them off. It's good to have the show back, though. I didn't realize how much I missed some of the characters (Ginsberg, Stan, and Peggy) until tonight.

Rating: 7/10.

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