Friday, November 15, 2013

The Night of the Doctor is an instant Whovian nerdgasm

A wild Paul McGann suddenly appears!

The whole "War Doctor" thing explains why in the Name of the Doctor, Eleven claimed that the War Doctor's actions weren't done in the name of the Doctor. I'm also guessing that they're not counting the War Doctor as a "main" incarnation, like how there are ten Grand Theft Auto games, but only five are part of the main series.

Can't wait until the 23rd.

1 comment:

  1. Super-glad they're putting that divider up. I'd loathe having to renumber Doctors.

    Disappointed that they're going with a Doctor regenerated exclusively for war. Kinda cool, but being The Doctor is what makes him so dangerous to those fighting The Time War anyway. Not having seen anything before Eccleston, I was never under the impression he was an exceptional time lord in terms of strength, intelligence, tactical knowledge, etc. I always believed it was his morality, spirits, and faults that made him exceptional enough to survive TTW, save the universe, and be awesome all the time.