I Fight Dragons - The Geeks Will Inherit The Earth.

Watch Community/Mad Men's Alison Brie reenact Grumpy Cat and other internet memes

I have no idea who Rae Johnston is, but her owning of a douchebag has catapaulted her to my top fifteen favorite people in the world

Adam Orth is a bag of dicks

All hail this wicked ass One Piece tattoo

When it comes to things that should exist, Pokemon "Evolve" decals are near the top of the list

Jason watches Mad Men's season six premiere "The Doorway" (spoilers)

This OVC strip accurately describes my feelings on Marvel and DC's "mega event" philia.

She-Hulk in a French maid outfit invalidates all of the arguments

Why couldn't I have had an AT-AT bed when I was young? D:

Even as a zombie, Karen Gillan is still hot

These picture of David Tennant and Matt Smith (and bonus Jenna Louise-Coleman!) should come with a Surgeon General's warning.

Now that's what I call fine art

A large scale replica of Hogwarts made out of LEGO? Daaaang


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