Friday, November 21, 2014

"I'll give you a left turn, bitch!" - Let's Play GTA V - Crazy Taxi

This was one hilarious LP. This is one of those Team Lads vs. Team Gents videos and the idea is that one of them plays a taxi driver and has to try and pick up and drop off the other two members of their team (one at a time) while the other team tries to kill the driver. Just to make things interesting, only one member on the opposing team can use a pistol; the others are restricted to flying a helicopter and driving a police car. It looks like they were trying to keep points, but that was ditched pretty quickly, since neither team was declared the winner. I have to wonder why anybody gets into a helicopter in this game when Gavin is the pilot, because you know he's going to crash that thing some point soon.

That limo at the end took everything - a helicopter crashing into it, rammings by a police car, being shot repeatedly - and survived it all until the...well, you gotta watch the video to find out.

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