Death comes to Agents of Shields. No wait, Deathlok comes to Agents of Shields. DeathLOK.

In which I am done with wrestling for the forseeable future.

I, too, will never have a French girlfriend named Anna

"You and a guest will travel round trip coach..."

American television

Watch Dazzler kick everybody's ass in Konami's X-Men beat 'em up arcade game

A woman busted her ankle on the Price is Right because people spin that wheel way too hard

When someone bids a dollar higher than someone else on The Price is Right

Okay, the Tetris guy just won an X-Men pinball machine and a Donkey Kong arcade cabinet

There are two people on Let's Make A Deal dressed as Tetris blocks

What a time to be alive - a burrito vending machine

Favorite quote from tonight's season premiere of Community

RIP James Avery, Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Batman and Commisioner Gordon celebrate New Years


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