Sunday, March 29, 2015

The first game console I ever played was an Atari something

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For a long time I thought that the first video game console I ever played on was an Atari 5200 because being all of six years old at the time, all I can remember of it is that it was black as the night. WELL, it turns out that it might not have been a 5200. The controller doesn't match what I remember.

Then there's the 7800. I don't think this was it because I can't recall the color strip and the controller isn't right either.

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The closest match I think is a model of the 2600 called the "Darth Vader" because of it's all black casing.

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My memory's foggy, but it does look more like the Atari I played when I was a kid, at least moreso than the others.

In any case, the first game I played on the Atari (and first period) was E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial. Yeah, that game.

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And all those stories about how terrible that game is? All true. All so very true. The main problem with the game was falling into these damn pits and not being able to get out! In the game, E.T. has to find three pieces of a phone hidden in pits (because that makes sense?) in order to phone home. During all this, you have to avoid FBI agents, scientists, and a diminishing energy counter that can only be replenished by collecting Reese's Pieces. Once E.T. phones home, the game restarts, but I never got that far, I got tired of falling into all those pits.

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