Saturday, December 26, 2015

Nerd Trash and 2016

Just thought I'd give you folks (the ones who actually read this blog) a heads up on what I thinking of doing with Nerd Trash next year. There's not going to be any huge changes in the next year, but I do have some things up my sleeve:

Posting and content: I'm going to try and increase the number of daily posts up from my average of like one or two in a blue moon. Tumblr is the number 1 culprit in stealing my time and attention away from Nerd Trash, so I plan on decreasing my time on there in exchange for more time spent on here. Not a big deal because my interest in Tumblr has been on the decline since it became a battleground for the social justice/anti-social justice/actually went overboard with the social justice brigades and everything else that's made the site not as fun as it used to be.

In terms of posts, most of them will be short things and pictorials daily, with longer posts showing up about once or twice a week. The content will be whatever catches my eye or the attention of the internet. I don't plan or have any desire to regurgitate the same content that the bigger blogs crap out, but if I see something that I think is worth posting, up it goes. I'll also be posting about whatever I'm reading, since I'm planning on reading a lot of books next year. I read eleven this year and my goals 15 for 2016.

Then there's the videos. I've been watching Let's Plays from the Achievement Hunters YouTube channel, so I'll be posting my favorites along with videos from other channels. The same with music. I also want to post more about the shows I watch, both on TV and any that I find online. I might try and get back into watching Geek and Sundry's videos, so there's that.

I mentioned pictures earlier and one of the features I plan on adding is a person of the month. I'm shamelessly stealing the idea from top blog HeroPress and its proprietor, Tim Knight, who runs such a feature and it's a real good one. Not a lot of people are going complain about a monthly post filled with pictures of beautiful women and occasionally, guys and fictional characters that I think are cool enough to be highlighted. I had to add my own spin to it. So who is going to be the inaugural Nerd Trash person of the month (I'll eventually come up with a proper name for it)? You'll just have to wait till January 1st. ;)

More gadgets in the sidebar: I'm aiming to personalize Nerd Trash by adding what I'm reading (which I've already done), watching, listening too, etc. in the left hand sidebar. More links to blogs and websites of interest will be added too, as I find them.

One more goal I have in all of this is to increase the number of hits the blog receives on a daily basis. I know I'll never reach the hundreds of thousands or more that the big websites get and I'm more than glad for that, but I'd very much like to up the number of visitors into the several hundreds, if not a thousand. Ultimately, I'd like Nerd Trash to become one of those blogs that is well known enough to attract a respectable number, while remaining small and not bloated.

Well, that's all I can think of right now. I aim to make 2016 the most fruitful and productive year for Nerd Trash so far.

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