Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Nerd Trash's Book Recommendation of the Month: The Hammer of God by Arthur C. Clarke

So this is a thing I'm going to try and do where I recommend a book every month. I'll try for different genres, but since obviously I'm only going to pick books I've read and I have a limited field of interest, expect a lot of SF, fantasy, and mysteries/crime.

Anyways, The Hammer of God is a really good book. I just posted a review of it over on my SF blog, so head on over there if you want to. The gist of it is an asteroid dubbed "Kali" is discovered on a collision course with Earth in the year 2110. The book follows the attempts of the crew of the spaceship Goliath and its captain, Robert Singh, to prevent this by attaching a mass driver to Kali that would change the space rock's trajectory by slowly pushing it away. Intermingled in all of this is chapters dedicated to depicting human civilization in the 22nd century. It's all pretty interesting: the Moon and Mars are both colonized, the world is governed by a World Council, and generally everything is going peachy.

This book isn't high on action or conflict. It's more in-line with another of Clarke's novels, Rendezvous with Rama. It's a lot more of exciting adventure than what you would expect, but that's what I've come to expect of Arthur C. Clarke and why I'm quickly growing to be a fan of his.

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