Thursday, July 12, 2018

Iron Man once built an armor specifically to beat an evil clone of Squirrel Girl and I'll never be over it.

Also, "Iron Man once built an armor specifically to beat an evil clone of Squirrel Girl" is a series of words that I never thought I'd ever type in the same sentence. What a time to be alive.

Anyway, there's a comic that came out back in 2016 called Undefeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up The Marvel Universe! I feel like my life is meaningless and incomplete without ever having read this comic. The comic features the aforementioned evil clone, who much like the original, is capable of defeating just about everybody. In response, Iron Man creates an armor to defeat her and I'm just not over what it looks like.

I love how he felt the need to make the armor the size of a Hulkbuster instead of normal sized. Like, we're talking about the evil clone of a woman who easily defeated someone as big as Thanos, but somehow Tony Stark thought "bigger is better" when facing her clone.

And why the squirrel faceplate, Tony? Why? Best part though? He.still.loses. Evil Squirrel Girl beats him by taking out the rest of the Avengers, then sticks their unconscious bodies to his armor using putty. Obviously, he can't continue fighting without risking the lives of his teammates, so evil SG is free to remove his helmet and deck him.

Then she steals one of his armor's gauntlets. Ouch.

Pictures and info via Marvel Database.

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