Monday, January 2, 2012

I love nerds: hackers want to launch their own satellites

In order to protect the internet from governmental attempts to censors and control the internet, a group of hackers want to create their own satellite network.

...hackers at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin are dreaming of creating their own network of communications satellites and ground stations to forestall any attempt to control the internet.

And they could do it too. According to the BBC, hobbyists have put small satellites into temporary orbit, but then again, getting something as big as a communication satellite is going to be more difficult and expensive. Still, I like and support the idea.

The internet is something more than just cat videos and memes, it's the greatest invention since the telephone. It represents the best hope humanity has to bridge our differences and ensure freedom for every man, woman and child on this planet. The idea of any government giving itself the authority to control and subvert this resource is an anathema to me. An independent network would also render net neutrality a moot point, since presumably you wouldn't need to go through one of the big telecomms to access the internet. That, and imagine how bad ass it would be if they managed to pull it off?

Chaos Computer Club.

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