Anyone remember The Addams Family cartoon?

This picture of Emma Frost is horrifying

I think I've figured out the real reason behind CM Punk's recent heel turn

50,000 hits!

Watch artist Hong Yi set fire to Adele (sort of)

New Doctor Who trailer!

The League of Extraordinary Gentlepersons just gave me a massive nerdgasm

Jarred Super Friends, collect them all!

Damn amazing: Top Cow raises $117,135 for Cyber Force relaunch

Well, there goes Tony Scott, RIP

Robot Chicken's doing a DC Comics special? Me gusta.

The new Guardians of the Galaxy movie sounds a lot like a certain scifi series


The All-New X-Men aren't really new, but they are X-Men

These custom made book covers for vidya game cases are sweet as hell

Cartoons that existed: James Bond Jr.

Go ninja! Go ninja! GO! Vanilla Ice's Ninja Rap

The following people can go f*ck themselves

Check out the cover to the FF reboot and how the Fantastic Four reboot is basically Doctor Who now

Yes, but can Dark Knight Returns Batman do the Batusi?

After a night of fighting crime, there's nothing like a cup of tea, chum

Okay, now this just ridiculous - a fridge with a Twitter app

Like Harrison Ford, I'm getting frantic

Is there a Doctor in Asgard? Christopher Eccleston cast in Thor: The Dark World!

Watch Batman sing "Am I Blue?" while your arguments are invalidated

Welp, we passed 400 posts

Oh me gusta - Doctor Who season 7 trailer

Oh, I hate you Vista (well, more than usual)


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