Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The All-New X-Men aren't really new, but they are X-Men

They look vaguely familiar, yes.
Before anybody loses their shit, Marvel hasn't rebooted their universe via a Crisis of Infinite Chimichangas. Instead, these Men (and one woman) of the X are from the past, and probably from an alternate timeline, who were brought to Marvel's present somehow. Yeah, I haven't read the current AvX event, but I think it's involved. Honestly, I wouldn't buy the series even if I had the money too, but I digress. Hopefully, Brian Michael Bendis will remember that this Cyclops isn't a total douche nozzle like current one is.

Well, looks like Marvel managed to bring Jean Grey back without resurrecting her again. Clever. I figured Hope Summers would regenerate into Jean or something.

By the by, that should have been the lineup for X-Men: First Class, had it been a proper reboot, and not that random hodgepodge we got instead.

Picture via the fine folks of Multiversity Comics.

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