Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How did my predictions for Battleground go? Not so well

I got exactly one right. ONE.

Italics: Who I thought would win.
Bold: Who actually won.

Naomi vs. Cameron. Whhhhhhhhhy?

The Usos vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan of The Wyatts. This was a disappointment, but my guess is that they don't want Harper and Rowan to get straps until Bray does. Meh.

AJ Lee vs. Paige. Didn't actually predict a winner, but AJ winning makes sense because it set up Paige turning on AJ the next night. That heel turn was pretty epic, by the way. Paige gave AJ an ass whoopin' that you normally don't see from the Divas outside of PPVs.

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose. Match ended in a forfeit because this match up deserves to be done at SummerSlam.

That battle royal with too many damn names to type out. Miz. Yes, The Miz won, last eliminating Dolph Ziggler.

I only hope this sets the stage for Ziggles to win the title later on. The two did have a real damn good match on Raw, with Ziggles winning, so maybe that's the road they're on. Of course, I mentioned the possibility that they might put the IC title back on Bad News Barrett when he comes back, so there's that.

Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho. Dear WWE, please stop booking Bray to lose at PPVs. You have periously close to Rybacking the guy. I keep hearing stuff about some guy named Kevin Dunn - a brown-nosing lackey of Vince McMahon, from what I understand - trying to sabotage Triple H and his rising influence in the company. If the stories are true, then he's apparently responsible for some of the bad booking and burying of talent in WWE.

I'm hoping that Y2J simply drew first blood in this feud and Bray will prevail. Man needs to start winning PPVs or else he'll be tag teaming with Heath Slater a year from now.

Jack Swagger vs. Rusev. Well, the match didn't end in a clear victory for Rusev, but rather a count-out after sending Swaggie into a ring post. Oddly, the next night on Raw, Michael Cole either misspoke or tried to retcon it into a win by submission for Rusev. He did lock Swaggie into the Accolade (the camel clutch) and made him tap, but that was after the match.

John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. Kurly Kane vs. Randy Orton. The one match I actually got right. Yay. Now he gets to go on to SummerSlam and drop the title to MY CLIENT BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCK LESNAR CONQUERED THE UNDERTAKER'S STREAK AT WRESTLEMANIA.

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