Monday, July 14, 2014

I like Batgirl's new costume

Soon to be new costume, anyways.

 When I first saw this on ComicsAlliance, I wasn't too keen on it. I think it's because initially it came off as something Batgirl would have worn at the start of her career before moving on to a more "professional" costume. The more I looked at it and the bottom picture more, I realized that I was wrong and really started to dig it.
I've been favoring more realistic, less theatrical superhero costumes lately, so this jives with me now. The cape being attached with snaps is practical, since she can just pop the cape off in an emergency. The note about the top being leather and not spandex gave me a chuckle and a frown, because Cameron Stewart and/or Babs Tarr had to include that note, otherwise a future artist would "sexify" the costume by making the top skintight. I'm also digging Brendan Fletcher and Cameron Stewart's plans for Batgirl when they and Babs Tarr take over in October:
Stewart: Batgirl has really been put through the wringer in recent years – after being attacked and paralyzed by the Joker, her brother turning out to be a serial murderer, the trauma of her family breaking apart and the series of gruesome villains she’s had to contend with, we figured she deserved a break from all that. Just prior to the start of our story she’s pushed to the breaking point and decides that she’s had it with misery and darkness and wants a change. She wants the opportunity to have some fun and live the life of a young, single girl in the city, so she packs up and moves to Burnside, the cool, trendy borough of Gotham, to focus on grad school.
Fletcher: And that’s where we kick off our run – introducing this part of the city known for expensive coffee, fixie bikes, vintage shops and breakout bands. Barbara allows herself to be immersed in youth culture for the first time, exploring the social side of life in Burnside. That’s not to say there isn’t mystery, of course! Try as she might to live a “normal” life, Barbara very quickly finds herself drawn back into the world of crime fighting. Our take on Batgirl mixes the best elements of “Veronica Mars” and “Girls,” with a dash of “Sherlock” thrown in for good measure.
If Barbara doesn't have a Tumblr (or the DCU equivalent), I will be disappointed.

*sigh* And meanwhile, I'll be too broke to buy this comic, like always.

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